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It’s not easy to move a mattress around from one spot to the next. It is especially stressful for people who recently bought a new bed. Moving your mattress must consider prior to deciding whether or not to get rid of your old mattress. The bed’s weight must be taken down, wrapped in plastic, and then put back in a truck. But moving a mattress into your new home does not have to be a stressful and time-consuming process. A variety of reputable firms can help to move your mattress in a safe manner and without any hassle.

The process of moving a mattress isn’t just about moving it from one area to another. It’s about moving it securely and safely too. A professional who specializes in moving mattresses is recommended before you attempt any major shifts. A professional will know how to properly pack your mattress to be transported, and will know where to place packing tape and the best way to fix boxes springs. They’ll also provide suggestions for the most efficient method to move your mattress from the previous place of residence. You may be referred to a trucking company or offered advice about moving your possessions.

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Prior to planning your move, find out how big your bed. If extra springs are required to fit underneath the bed then ask the movers. If the mattress is more than eight feet long and 5 feet in width, it will require additional manpower. If you’re moving mattresses, most moving companies provide packing and transportation services.

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Packaging and wrapping the mattress is important, as is making sure your mattress is protected with plastic sheeting during shipping. Moving companies can usually transport the mattress as well as the box springs with no damage in any way, however, they can only do so if you require them to. Inquire about this kind of service when looking for a mover. There are mattress-moving firms that are equipped with large-sized machines capable of handling even the largest mattresses. Make sure that your movers are equipped with this kind of machinery.

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Find out if you are able to rent packing materials when you’re unable to unload and pack the mattress by yourself. Be sure to know the contents on the sheet of plastic that the movers will be packing. The sheets made of plastic are especially for the purpose of moving mattresses So ask the movers if they use those. If you decide not to hire plastic sheets you can request them from your moving firm. This is an effective option to ensure your mattress move goes smoothly without hassle.

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In addition to the plastic packaging the movers also require mattresses wrapped. The mattress wrapping should be bought as an additional item. Mattress wraps are used for protection of the mattress as the mattress is moved. Mattress wrapping can also make your mattress smell fresher while in transit. If you do not purchase the mattress cover, it could attract insects and rodents, which can ruin your belongings.

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The last thing that they will do is put your mattress into the moving truck and strap it down using the metal and plastic strapping. When the truck is nearing its destination, remove the metal strapping, remove the straps, and unroll the mattress. If you wish to keep the straps made of metal and plastic and straps, close them for a short time or put them on your mattress until the removalists arrive.

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The movers will take the mattress from the bed at least once in the course of a 10 hour drive. Then, take the mattress to its destination. In order to keep it standing up, you need to fold it back. Place it in the truck that is moving it. This may sound like a tedious task however, if your belongings are protected and the mattress is safe from insects and rodents, this could help you save some money when moving your mattress and also cash on your folded mattresses.