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During the time that my husband was ill, and we were forced to make some very difficult decisions regarding our elderly family members’ removal and senior assisted living We were confronted with many difficult choices in regards to the packing and moving needs. We hired four moving firms and a packing company, we additionally had to recruit two full-time movers and two part-time movers. Since my husband was sick, we required approximately eight persons to assist with the moving of our household items in an efficient and safe way. We ended up hiring an experienced mover and packer service that was priced well in excess of seven hundred dollars per work week.

In the event that we decided to tackle the packing and moving ourselves and packing, it took us over four months to finish the task. It cost us close to 4000 dollars. That’s a great deal more than the amount we spent for the services of four different relocation companies, as well as the packaging materials. It is a blessing that there are numerous professional moving and packing companies which offer their customers fast, effective and reasonable services. What went wrong? Was it the reason it was so hard selling our house?

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Our scenario was complex which we underestimated. The most significant issue that we did not consider was distrust issues with management. Even though our mover service provided excellent services to our customers, we wanted to be able to effectively communicate with them. A lot of seniors are very active and don’t enjoy having the impression of getting a ride. We found that our moving and packing services were continuously looking after us We didn’t know how much trust we could be lowered by their total lack of communication.

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What went wrong? Two weekends is all it needed to transport our items in the new residence. Our family members helped us with much of the physical assistance We were still relying on the moving company too for too. Our movers sometimes couldn’t accomplish the job. There were times when our relatives could not be present because of health issues. There were other times where the senior mover service was not operating and we could not make pickups.

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It was never discussed how heavy our possessions were through the entire move. The company that we used to move us provided moving estimatesbut did not mention how much items would be weighing down the truck. This estimate proved in error, as we realized. Many packing and moving services and movers fail to clearly define how much weight they can reasonably move a given load. You should discuss your personal possessions with experienced moving companies in order to figure out the amount of weight they could move using your vehicle.

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This lack of communication resulted in senior moving services losing income stream. Even though they answered all of our phone calls, and signed every document we had regarding our move but there was not a guarantee of weight allowance. It was the responsibility of each moving firm. It was never our intention to inquire about the weight restrictions that apply to senior moving companies.

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Following all our discussions about the necessity to be sure that we were making the right decisions and we began discussing the bigger picture. Because we’d relocated for several years, my husband and I had developed a pretty good relationships with our moving company. They were efficient as well as experienced. These were not the people to be moved. They weren’t more than us.

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We thought we could trust our senior-moving service to be able to comprehend the requirements we had, and so we decided to utilize them again. Our move wasn’t just much easier, my husband became more at ease with the senior moving companies that we used. He is now in looking for an alternative senior moving service to trust in the future. I’m happy to learn that other senior citizens have the same urgency in finding homes.