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Moving your fridge isn’t similar to moving your house. First of all, the refrigerator (the appliance that holds all of your groceries and drinks) isn’t sitting exactly on the floor, but on a level that’s about three to four feet higher than the floor. This is known as “leveling the fridge” and it is best handled by skilled professionals using the right equipment.

The move of a refrigerator doesn’t have to be just about convenience – it’s also essential for security. The refrigerator is at the core of your home and should be kept safe. A refrigerator that is damaged when moving can result in massive property damage or even death to you, your loved ones, or even pets. Here are some suggestions about how you can move an appliance safely

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Refrigerator Moves Tips Moving your refrigerator should start with you removing the food items from your refrigerator. It is important to remove all large containers that are in your fridge. Once you are done you can set your fridge aside to empty it of its contents. If you have smaller appliances, be certain to keep at least certain portions of the refrigerator intact prior to taking it off. Double wrap food in plastic to avoid it from rotting during the relocation. You won’t need to buy an entirely new refrigerator after your move. The compressor inside the appliance may be opened up a couple of inches off the bottom, before being frozen until it’s time to use it again.

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The Refrigerator Moving Checklist It should not be a hassle to move your refrigerator. You must prepare and pack any fragile items correctly. All boxes need to be secured in a proper manner and covered with padding in order to protect them from damage. These simple tips can help simplify the moving process for all participants.

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Refrigerator Moving Checklist. Before moving your fridge, you must mark each drawer and door which is easily accessible from the new house. Label all locations on the doors in which a cork or sliding glass doors can be found. You can do this with a permanent marker, or you may wish to use an invisible marker for the areas where it is difficult to reach. In case of needing to reconstruct an area you may mark all the internal shelves as well as cabinets. After you’ve identified all the areas and doors, take the time to fix them using screws, tape, or any other devices to ensure you don’t let anything fall across.

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Refrigerator Moving Steps One to four, it is possible to start with the move of your appliance using the help of a dolly. A lightweight, sturdy and durable dolly is crucial to ensure the movers are able to easily manage it. A lot of people rent dollies from moving firms because they’re generally affordable and don’t cost the bank. Pick a dolly that’s big enough to fit the full length and width of your refrigerator. Your moving service will need to explain how you can move an enormous fridge.

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Refrigerator Moving steps Five through eight, once your dolly is at your destination then you are able to start unloading it. It is important to ensure that the removalists have their refrigerators empty before you begin. Don’t fill the inside with ice; rather, make sure to fill it up with water. Water can cause damage to the appliance’s interior.

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Refrigerator Moving steps Nine through Twelve, after your fridge is fully loaded, fix it to the wall, and then switch it on. you’re now ready to begin your new life by keeping your refrigerator in good condition. You may need to adjust your refrigerator every so often. These steps shouldn’t pose a problem. Do not touch moving parts when moving refrigerators. It is recommended to take them off the refrigerators regularly to allow them to air out.