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Moving Mattress: What it takes do you move a mattress? It can seem a little confusing to certain people. If you choose the right type of firm, all is explained to you step by step. There will be no surprises and you’ll not worry about making the wrong choice. This is all you have to be aware of.

Mattress Set-Up: Before you can begin moving a mattress, you must prepare it. The first step is to take the mattress off the truck, then place it flat on the ground. Make sure you leave enough space to allow the weight of your truck to pull the mattress to the ground. You will also want to ensure that the springs are secured in the event that they become loose while the truck is moving or in the course of moving.

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Mattress Moving Tape The moving tape is an additional essential item to have when moving mattresses. It’s helpful because of two primary reasons. One, it helps to keep the mattress safe from the springs beneath it. It also prevents you from cutting into the wall that surrounds the mattress when moving it. When you are using the tape, make sure you have it folded.

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Mattress moving boxes: A mattress moving box is a crucial part of all mattress moving processes. It is made of solid materials and can be placed over the existing mattress, or it could be placed on top of it. The sides are very strong, which means they won’t break under the weight of the whole mattress, nor of the vehicle and the equipment that moves it. A few have suction cups located on the bottom that allow you to remove them for easier access to the old mattress. It also is equipped with wheels for easier load and removal.

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Strainers for mattresses: Strainers are vital for moving mattresses. Strainers can be found in different sizes and forms. They’re made to move heavy mattresses. The majority of strainers are constructed of strong nylon that is great for protecting both the flooring as well as the mattress from getting damaged. Most strainers are equipped with padding to safeguard the mattress from injury or stop them from being moved. A mattress stroller that is sturdy is recommended when you plan to move your mattress on yourself.

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Pick-up truck: Good mattress removal companies use a pickup truck to transport mattresses. In the majority of cases, the mattress will be at ground level or about two to three feet above the ground , based on the type of mattress being transported. After the mattress is lifted, it will be tucked in the bed. In order to make the process go smoothly, you will want to find a professional who is insured and licensed mattress mover. They should have special tools and equipment that will make the whole process run effortlessly and without issues.

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It isn’t the easy task you’d think. It’s better to spend more time planning and preparing rather than doing the task. It will save you time and cost by taking the time to compare prices and find the cheapest way to ship your mattresses. There are numerous companies who are experts in the removal of mattresses, and can ship anywhere in the country. Do not hesitate to ask which is the most efficient and cost-effective option to transport your mattress to a new place of residence.

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Mattress Bags Mattress Bags: When selecting a firm to aid in moving, you’ll want to look for the one with top-quality moving bags and tape. You can save both cash and time by ordering bags and tape from them. A Greek Movers company provides high-end tape and their huge moving bags. Your mattress may be put on the back of the truck and the bags with your belongings might be put into the storage or locker.