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If you have a piano that you want to move a long distance, there’s a few points to consider to ensure your precious instrument is in good hands. Because upright pianos put their bodies upon the keys, they can be very easily damaged while being moved across long distances. This means that whether you’re looking to move your beautiful musical instrument across the country, or just to a few miles professional piano movers will make sure that your upright piano is secure and sound when it’s under their watch. They can save you a lot of time and trouble and could significantly decrease chances of physical injury to the instrument you love.

The first thing you must do is familiarize yourself with the process of moving a piano. That means getting a book about how to move a piano, or getting the procedure from someone who has done the task before. Professionally trained movers are equipped to guide you down the stairs. They’ve been transferring pianos down and up stairs since that’s their business. The only thing is knowing where each stair stem is located and the best way to maneuver it to where it is so your piano doesn’t get injured or damaged along the route.

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It’s important to keep in mind that boxes that are padded for pianos are crucial, along with extra-strong, dry straps to secure your hunchback dolly. Protecting your delicate instrument against moisture can help to protect delicate strings or hammers. The bottom of your box can’t shift if it’s secured by dried padded straps. Carpet moves that are heavy could cause the entire box to shake or sag this can be very dangerous for both you and your guitar. The delicate keyboard or guitar will be protected by padding.

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There will be more than piano packing supplies to pack large residential moves. You will also need packing supplies for the minor obstacles you’ll face throughout the process. Furniture blankets for standing in all the methods of moving, wheel bars, steps as well as any other obstructions that are associated with stairs or elevators are only a handful of objects that need additional safety.

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The two most popular piano short and long devices are the bow and the console. The moving requirements of these two pieces of equipment differ from the piano. The bow, for example requires quick movement and with efficiency. It is also possible for the console to be used for longer periods in time, before needing to be changed. Professionally trained movers employ professional-grade heat-treated crating to make sure that instruments do not remain in their original state.

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Two methods can be used to transport pianos transport by professionals from Piano Transport such as on flatbed trucks and with a dolly. Flatbed trucks are suggested because they allow for the simplicity of transporting an instrument without the burden of stairs or elevators. Flatbeds also take up smaller spaces than other transportation alternatives. Dollies are great since they are a strong means of moving instruments while keeping them protected from damage. To protect your piano and help it move more easily moving, you can put padding on flooring. Pads for the soft-wood piano are also offered for extra relaxation.

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Professional moving companies will prep your flatbed truck for you prior to you bring in your instrument. For additional protection, piano movers will add cushioning made of foam to the sides, the bottom and back of your instrument. The instrument will be held to the ground using equipment and straps, or even padlocks. The padded floorboards will ensure that the instrument is not able to move while being transported.

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Professionally run moving firms also maintain the instrument upright in order to guard against slippage. They will not move your instrument if it is situated in a horizontal position and place the instrument at least twelve inches above the surface. This will help keep your instruments safe and secure when it is being transported. The piano moving companies will be charged per base price, which is the total weight of the instrument including the accessories. Base rates are typically added by some moving companies so that you can be sure that your equipment for your piano, like piano benches and sheets of music will be charged at the same amount.