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Moving your mattress is a big responsibility. It’s a huge responsibility to entrust an individual with the task of taking care of your bedroom when you’re gone. While it might seem like something that is easy, it isn’t. Movers who are professionals are suggested for this task. Before they begin tearing down the old mattress, you need to get every agreement in writing. They can then take their time cleaning up the mess and after that, putting the furniture in the right place.

Consider paying only a modest fee for taking away of your old mattress as you may be required to purchase a brand one that is a replacement for your old one. Mattress moving firms usually offer free estimates for moving for mattresses if you request this. This can be beneficial when you have a lot of mattresses to relocate. Actually, some mattress companies even offer to transport them at no cost.

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You must have signed agreements before you begin taking down the mattress. Determine what the moving business will charge you for their service. Be sure to have the total price you can pay before they move the unit. The company that moves your mattress may also charge other charges like covering the mattress with tape or handling tape. Nothing can be more stressful than having to pull the tape from a firm foam mattress. It could be too big or too complicated to handle.

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For the protection of your mattress investment, you will likely need to buy a mattress cover made out of plastic. This cover will protect your mattress from dust as well as moisture when it’s transported. Be sure to check with your moving company about the type of mattress bags they require. In some cases, companies that handle mattress moves provide plastic mattress covers as the form of a package. You can inquire about this when you check the prices.

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When you are planning to transport mattresses, it’s advised to contact the local authorities. There are laws against scattering or dropping mattresses onto roads. Be sure to put mattresses in a safe bag. Be sure to never leave your mattress in your car unattended. The mattress could be lost or damaged.

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Follow the instructions given by the moving company. Contact them with questions should you have any concerns. There are many moving companies with toll-free lines that you can reach with any queries. It is important to ensure that you transport the mattress to your destination location exactly as stated. Some movers will provide packing instructions for their customers on request.

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There are many people who wonder if they could transport their mattresses making use of a truck for transport, or if the truck required to be a van. When moving your mattress from one place to another home, most likely you will be transporting it by truck. In the event that you opt to use a moving van Be sure to notify your moving company so they will be aware about any requirements specific to the mattress might need. Make sure you contact your moving service prior to leaving leave the house, just in case issues occur.

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One of the most important things to think about when moving a mattress is safety. Mattresses aren’t big and is easy to move using either hand or arm lifts. Be sure to carry a mattress in a secure plastic bag to ensure it is protected during transport. Don’t overburden a moving vehicle or truck, or place a mattress next to the window. This could lead to the mattress falling over.